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Three Secrets of Flexibility

Lost Your Flexibility?

Spend an afternoon with a 5 year old, and you’ll realize that we were all naturally flexible.

We’ve just lost it!

Food & Flexibility Go Hand-In-Hand

If you really want to increase your stretching flexibility fast, you need to eat less processed food. If you want to feel alive, eat live food. Eat more plants. And take nutritional supplements daily.

Flexibility is determined by the length and elasticity of your connective tissues.

Nutritional Supplements

Do we get all the nutrients we need from food? I know we do not. Here’s my brand of choice (since age 26) and what I market now, after my police officer career: Shaklee. Safety and purity is their hallmark, and no product recalls in its 100 + year history. My favourite supplement is Alfalfa Complex. Digestion is improved, and if our digestion is not good, we will not have great health. Arthritis, allergies, multiple symptoms are arrested with Shaklee’s Alfalfa Complex.


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